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I attended your program three years ago, and I’m a very good student. I’m pleased to say that I Cracked The Man Code! This October 1st, I will be celebrating my second wedding anniversary! Thank you!

~ Kathy Schuler, CA

The Man Codes was an incredible experience to learn about the differences between men and women. It was really interesting for me because I thought I knew it all, I’ve read all the books. It was awesome to be able to come to this and learn about the connections between men and women. It was new information that I found to be very empowering! It should be shared with everyone and I recommend this seminar to anyone looking for a long term relationship.

~ Renee Turpin

I would absolutely recommend Cracking the Man Code for all the ladies out there. It is very fresh and informative. We know how to attract men, but it teaches how to keep them. It was very funny and I’d absolutely recommend it!

~ Rebecca Perry

I love the Man Code, I am actually very impressed! What stood out for me was all the biological stuff. A lot of things started to make sense for me. It really shed a light on a number of things that I want for my life. I am very excited by it. You should come and it will be an added value to your life.

~ Dimari Rios

I’ve been married 4 1/2 years ..but there are a lot of things I don’t understand about my husband. I feel like I communicate but he doesn’t get it.

But when I went to Cracking the Man Code, it was so fun. Mat Boggs showed me that there are really simple things I can do to communicate better with my husband and create a better relationship. This seminar is amazing.

Cracking the Man Code is awesome! It’s taught by one of the best teachers which makes it really fun. I’d encourage everyone to attend Cracking the Man Code.

~ Jeanie Callen Barrat

The Man Code was really great! It really helps women to understand men.

~ Chelsea Williams

I just finished the program and all I can say is "Wow!". I love how funny, heartfelt, succinct, but thorough the whole presentation was.

~ Jess, California

Thank you so much for the work you are doing. I signed up for the Man Code Club because I've had some very bad experiences in the past and have spent a couple of years alone, working on myself and contemplating what it means to be a "creator" of my existence. I listened to the Man Code Club Coaching Call #12 just now and I'm blown away! Everything in the call was exactly what I've been thinking about and exactly what I needed to have articulated for me. Your ideas are so much more than fluffy dating advice. They are tools for living a fufilled existence and I'm grateful. Keep up the good work and Thank You!

~ Michelle, Wilsonville, Oregon, Mom of 1

The reason I joined "Cracking the Man Code," was to hear things from a man's perspective. Mat is so upbeat and inspiring! The way he described how men and women are "wired up," is so true! When Mat states that men are protective, I could feel how he (my new man) was always trying to protect me, and I would let him. Normally I wouldn't, got use to doing everything on my own, but this guy is different! He even planned date nights for us, where I LET him control our date...something else I had never done before. I let him be a MAN and me a WOMAN. "Men want a woman not a mother," how true that is...I was like that in past relationships, with my man...I no longer did that. For now, I'll continue to listen to Mat, so that I can continue to learn how to "Crack the Man-Code," Thank you so much for these inspiring and learning audios!!! I would recommend them to anyone struggling with relationships!

~ Lynn Smith

My goal was to learn how to attract a better type of man, and your seminar gave me so many "Ah Ha" moments into what I had been doing wrong in the past. I'm seeing amazing results by making just a few little changes!

Your Cracking the Man Code Club is also amazing. It's great listening to these men talk so openly and honestly. It's the best $ I've ever spent! By putting some of the suggestions to work, I'm already seeing you don't have to be a great beauty to get a Great Guy! Thank you!

~ Sara - Miami Beach, Florida

After 5 years of unsuccessful dating since my divorce I finally realized that I do not understand men so the Cracking the Man Code Club was an answer to prayer. I have tried to let my friends match me and even internet dating. No matter who I went out with I wasn’t able to find lasting love or even someone who wanted to be in a real committed relationship. The ability to see relationships from a man’s point of view has been invaluable. I now understand the power of saying “no” and embracing my feminine energy. I am more willing to allow a man to be the leader he was designed to be. Now I am open to being my best true self and falling in love again! Thanks Mat!

~ Liz Orange County, CA

Loved the audio I listened to introducing me to the feminine energy versus masculine. Wow was that an eye opener for me! And if I would have known these things 6 month ago I may have been able to save/salvage my 20 year marriage.

~ WC Kissel

This program was fantastic! I wish I knew more about this when I was first separated and divorced, but at least I am finding out now. Thanks for what you do!

~ Anita Augesen, New York

Mat! You have helped me so much that now I’m torn between 2 guys! Will you have a Level II, now that you’ve attracted the loveS of your life…how to narrow it down?!

~ Nancy Urena

I LOVE the Man Code! I was very impressed! It really shed light on a number of things I want to do in my life.

~ Damary Rios, LA, CA

This program is AMAZING. I had no idea how much I could learn and take away from this. The insights are HUGE. This was a total Ah ha moment for me! I would recommend this to EVERYONE I KNOW! Thank you Mat!

~ Dianna Browning, Bend, OR.