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Mat Boggs' Speaking Topics

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Mastering the Law of Attraction

Six Keys to Achieving Your Dreams

Mastering the Law of Attraction with Mathew Boggs

Do you know why 1% of the population earns over 96% of the money?  What do those people know that the rest of the population doesn’t?  Over the last 150 years researchers have sought out the greatest minds in history to understand what sets them apart – individuals like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, The Wright Brothers, Alexander Graham Bell, US Presidents, etc. 

After decades of research, scientists discovered that all these hugely successful individuals share six common strategies.  In this eye-opening and motivational presentation Mat Boggs shares with you what these six factors are and how you can use them in your life to manifest your vision and take your life, business, or dream to the next level.

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Cracking the Man Code

6 ½ Secrets to MANifesting and Getting the Love You Deserve (For Women Only!)

Cracking the ManCode with Mathew Boggs

Do you want more love, time, and attention from your man?  Do you want to know what REALLY motivates men? Are you tired of attracting the wrong kind of men? 

Whether you're single & seeking, or in a committed relationship, Cracking The Man Code will give you the insider secrets to what motivates men and how you can get the love you deserve in your romantic relationship.  This one-of-a-kind relationship seminar (for women only!) will help you break old relationship cycles, attract the great guy you want, and get more love, time, and lasting attention in your relationship.

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Project Everlasting

The 3 Keys to Lifelong Love, Brought to You By Two Bachelors!

Project Everlasting Talks with Mathew Boggs

Mat Boggs and Jason Miller, best friends since third grade, take your audience on their 12,000-mile journey across the country and into the hearts of America’s Greatest Marriages. 

In this hilarious and heart-warming presentation Mat and Jason reveal what two relationship-clueless bachelors learned from real couples who have been happily married for a minimum of 40 years and the three keys that make love last a lifetime.

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The Success Code

Universal Laws for Enlightened Wealth

The Success Code Keynote with Mathew Boggs

We live, move, and have our being in a world that is governed by Universal Laws.  These Laws of Success are so powerful and precise that once you understand how they operate amazing results will begin flow fast and easy in your life. 

Mat Boggs shows you simple strategies for putting each Universal Law of Success to use in order to create the life you want to live.

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Why Am I Frustrated?

Discovering Your Purpose and Living Your Passion

Why Am I Frustrated? Talk with Mathew Boggs

The quality of questions we ask in life, determines the quality of life we live.  Discovering your purpose and activating your passion is as simple as asking the right questions. 

In this enlightening and motivational presentation Mat Boggs takes you through five powerful questions that will activate the place in you where your purpose and passion reside.  Mat Boggs then illuminates the single greatest obstacle that stands between you and your dreams and gives you the solution for breaking through. 

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Broadcasting Your Brilliance

How to Gain Massive Media Exposure To Share Your Message with the World

Broadcasting Your Brilliance KeyNote Speech with Mathew Boggs

CNN, The Today Show, Fox News, CW, Oprah and Friends Radio, Hallmark, Good Morning America Radio, these are just a few examples of the media outlets Mat Boggs has garnered to broadcast his message of Increasing Love in the World, One Heart at a Time

In Broadcasting Your Brilliance, Mat Boggs reveals the secrets to obtaining huge publicity for your business or project.  Producers are always looking for tantalizing stories and Mat will share how to get past the “gate-keepers” and develop a hook that will get you booked.  You’ll learn how to get producer’s contact information, the best time of day to catch them on the phone, as well as the dos and don’t for grabbing their attention and getting them excited about your message. 

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To Publish Or Not To Publish

I Have a Book...Now What?

To Publish Or Not to Publish Talk with Mathew Boggs

We are in a new era and you have more resources at your fingertips and more options to get your book out to the world than ever before.  If you have content, then you are in the drivers seat.  But which route do you take? 

Whether your book is still in your head or a finished manuscript in your hands, Mat Boggs will give you the insider-secrets to the publishing process, the different opportunities you have, the advantages and disadvantages of each outlet.  You will be given the simple questions to determine which avenue is best for your book project. 

This is a must-see presentation for anyone who wants to minimize mistakes and get the biggest bang for their buck while getting their book out to the world.

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